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Daily Worship — Sanctifying Your Life and Times

by admin ~ October 27th, 2012



Daily Worship — Sanctifying Your Life and Times 



"Now the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, 'Command the children of Israel and say to them, 'My gifts, My presents, My burnt offerings, you shall take care to offer to Me as a sweet aroma in My feasts.' So you shall say to them, 'These are My burnt offerings you shall offer daily to the Lord: two unblemished male lambs in their first year, as a whole burnt offering perpetually. The one male lamb you shall offer in the morning, and the other male lamb you shall offer in the evening; and you shall offer one-tenth of an ephah of fine flour as a grain offering, mixed with one-fourth of a hin of oil. This shall be a perpetual whole burnt offering, which came into being at Mount Sinai, as a sweet aroma (incense) to the Lord. Its drink offering shall be one-fourth of a hin for each male lamb; in the holy place you shall pour out the intoxicant as a drink offering to the Lord. The second male lamb you shall offer toward evening; and you shall offer it according to its grain offering and drink offering, as a sweet aroma to the Lord.'" Numbers 28:1-8
"And when he had taken the book, the four beasts and four and twenty elders fell down before the Lamb, having every one of them harps, and golden vials full of incense (sweet aroma), which are the prayers of saints." Revelation 5:8

In our last Newsletter we demonstrated how the worship of God continues in the Church even after the cross to be done according to the rhythm of the Creator laid out in the Old Testament Scripture; even though this worship has changed from offering physical sacrifices to offering prayers through time spent in His WORD — your prayers having become the incense or sweet aroma going up unto the Lord. 
This is now a follow up to that last Newsletter.
For you see, very little is more important than learning how to Sanctify your Life and Times! So we need to spend more time helping you understand this point.

It is true, and will always remain so, that the most important thing in Life is believing in Jesus Christ, that He is the manifestation of the Living God, that He IS God Incarnate; for this faith is the ONLY means of salvation.
But after that, then what? That becomes the very next question one needs to answer after the question of salvation.
Search the Scriptures and you will find that they teach the answer to the question of "then what?" just as they teach that faith in Christ is the only path to salvation. And the answer is? Sanctifying your Life and Times!
But what does this mean?
Scripture teaches this as well: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Annual worship according to the rhythm of the Creator.
Remember, Scripture even teaches us that rhythm, summarizing it well in Numbers chapters 28 and 29.

And it starts simplywith Daily worship.

Each morning and evening. This is what the Church has historically recognized as Morning and Evening prayer. Morning and Evening prayer that has always included the reading of Scripture front to back, cover to cover, over the course of the year.
Everything else, INCLUDING SUNDAY CORPORATE WORSHIP, is built upon this base of Morning and Evening prayer. This Morning and Evening prayer being based on the reading of Scripture. This Morning and Evening prayer being the sweet aroma or incense of the offering of the saints.
This is the answer to "then what?" after you become a Christian.
So this is WHY, at the Church of Christ's Glory, the Spiritual Fitness Program provides your daily schedule for Morning and Evening prayer. This is why COCG provides the uncensored Scripture readings upon which to base your Morning and Evening prayer.
All based on the same reading schedule used by the Church for the past two thousand years.
You see, we want you to have a clear direction into the sanctification process after accepting Christ for your salvation. A clear direction based on uncensored Scripture.
Yes, a path into sanctification not based on hearing yet another man's sermon; or reading yet another man's interpretation of the good Book.
We do all this work so that you can have a clear path of sanctification based on your own quiet time spent with Christ our God! Not even being interfered with by the silly fables built into virtually every modern Bible translation available today.
This is indeed our mission: Providing uncensored Scripture that by its very nature produces in its readers a fresh perspective for a new generation of Christendom.
If the time has come for you to get started sanctifying your own Life and Times according to Scripture, where you now see the need and are ready to get into the rhythm of your Creator, you can begin your own "daily worship" in accord with the early and historic Church by joining the COCG Spiritual Fitness Program.
Upon this sanctification of your own Life and Times the rest of your life, as does the rest of all our lives, depends.

So this is why we continue to publish the Gospel of the Kingdom.
This is why we continue to publish the Paul's Primers New Testament compilation complete with the early and historic Morning and Evening reading / prayer schedule for every day of the year. 
We are simply doing as our Lord commanded: as fishermen casting our net into the sea of humanity resting gracefully in the promised harvest to be generated by God Himself through His very own WORD
May Christ our God, Jesus our King, shower upon you His Immeasurable Blessings.



And now my usual reminder to never forget the purpose behind the COCG mission to increase daily scripture reading amongst the body: 

"We cannot know Jesus personally or his plan for our lives without reading the Bible." (St. Jerome 347-420 AD)
And also, that only a return to the Scriptures of the early and historic Church will produce the kind of results of which St. Jerome speaks.
Modern Bibles with their notes based on silly fables simply won't cut it!
Indeed, with our Spiritual Fitness Program, you will engage yourself in reading Scripture as it was read for 1900 years, simply and easily through our unique New Testament compilation which contains over 1,250 notes based on the teaching of the early and historic church.
(See here and here for more information regarding the Scriptural basis for daily reading as daily worship. Beyond this Scriptural instruction, I know of no other biblical way for a person to reboot their faith. Indeed, only through rebuilding your personal relationship with Jesus Christ by immersing yourself daily in His uncensored Word can you truly reboot your faith!)
The Gospel (Good News) of the Kingdom in Summary:
As you consider participating in the Spiritual Fitness Program, remember that here in the regeneration of the Sovereign God Jesus Christ you are created "good" (Genesis 1:31) in the same sense as was Adam, and like him you have the working capacity of free will to choose, of your own free will, which direction you will go.
This does not mean that you have a free pass into Heaven (nor did Adam); but it does mean that you have access to an indestructible path into Heaven (Which Adam did not! Oh how much better a creation we enjoy than Adam ever knew!!!).
So the question for you is the same as it is for all of us in every generation, the same as it was for Adam — but with a better promise built upon an indestructible everlasting Way to the Tree of Life: Will you humble yourself (become poor in spirit), recognize you can't complete the circuit of the underworld alone (as a 'sinner' you can't enter Heaven on your own power), and then confess your sins and faithfully accept the one and only way into Heaven, Jesus Christ; or will you choose, of your own free will, to blaspheme the heavenly order (the same sin of pride that had Satan cast from Heaven into Tartarus) and force your own blotting out of the Book of Life.
To choose the first way of those "poor in spirit" saints who through their example have provided a good report — by a changed life that shows forth the fruits of their confession, repentance and conversion — 1) Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as God and your Savior, 2) Confess your sins and your faith in Him by the words of your mouth, and 3) Sign up here to engage yourself in the most noble task of amending your life by building your relationship with Jesus Christ through daily reading of His Word; securely laying the foundation for showing forth the fruits of your salvation through both your personal and corporate life as a member of Christ's body.
Remember, if you have any questions, please contact me; I'm always happy to talk with you.
You can contact me via email at info@cjrpress.com.
Or you can contact me by phone at 248-520-7809.
Talk to you soon!
In Christ's Love,
Pastor Paul
Founder, Teacher, Author, Pastor
Your Best Source For Early Church Preterism
"If you want to know the state of the Church, look at our Culture! And when you do, you'll see that, yes, indeed, it really is time for a reboot of both your personal Faith and the Corporate Church."

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