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Paul Rakowicz is honored to receive requests for participating in your show or speaking at your event.

He is a published author, has been a guest on numerous radio and Internet based talk shows, and provides regular teaching thru his Daily Scripture Reading podcast service.

Paul enjoys the give and take of live talk shows; and providing his uniquely powerful presentation of the full gospel of the Kingdom at your events such as Sunday worship services, men's small group meetings, home church meetings, or other such gatherings.

The focus of his message is always centered on the introduction and practical daily application of:

  • That historic view of Christ's victory won through the cross—the tomb—and the resurrection;
  • The administration of that Kingdom come by the Apostles in that generation; and
  • The finished implementation of that Kingdom that came upon that final generation in September of 70 AD.

Paul specializes in continually demonstrating how the full gospel of the Kingdom is properly applied to Scripture and made practical for the daily life of every believer in every generation.

Paul's passion is for every believer to recover their commitment to the full good news of the Kingdom; and to free themselves of the sin and guilt preached by so many in the church today—while learning to manifest the full power of Jesus Christ in their daily lives!

You can stream audio of his daily messages here: http://www.cjrpress.com/blog.


If you wish to contact Paul regarding your Event or Radio/TV show send an email to Paul at info@cjrpress.com:



To speak with Paul personally please call his office at 248-520-7809.



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