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Rediscover The Full Gospel of the Kingdom As Seen Thru The Creation Story In 'The Pearl'


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The Pearl

The Captivating Story of the Wondrous Love of God


The Full Gospel of the Kingdom as seen thru Creation according to 'Seminal Principles'



The Full Gospel of the Kingdom is the full story of the wondrous love of God.


And it is this story that The Pearl tells.


I truly enjoyed writing it and hope you find it an excellent read.


Titled a Primer, I try to remain consistent throughout to its calling—a short and informative piece of writing—while at the same time, I hope to bring great depth to the subject matter at hand.


I wrote it with the goal of taking the reader on a fascinating journey through time. Along the way, I share the intrinsic beauty and purity of that Pearl spoken of by our Lord Jesus Christ ("Again, the Kingdom of Heaven is like a merchant in search of fine pearls, who, on finding one pearl of great value, went and sold all, as much as he had, and bought it." Matthew 13:45-46). I trust this "pearl" will sparkle and shine for you.


In the book you will discover the following:

* The plan of God in the time before time
* The implementation of that plan
* The simple beauty of the Genesis creation account
* The Kingdom of Light and The Earthly Dimension
* The angelic order and calling
* The true order of formation in the creation
* The lawful change of the Sabbath day
* The interplay of free will between the angels, God, and mankind
* The crisis of choice in the glorious creation
* The state of the soul in the Old vs. the New Testament
* The glorious work of the Lamb
* The defeat of Satan
* The visitation of the saints held captive in Hell
* The glorious victory of the Lion of the tribe of Juda
* The impact of a triumphant worldview and heavenview
* How to explain the glory of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ in simple humility
*** with a gentle kindness that accommodates the needs of others
*** with a heartfelt sense of godly fear for the state of the unsaved


This book covers timeless topics that link our souls with God and eternity, by focusing on the interplay of free will between the three main characters of eternal Christendom–the created angels, the un-created Jesus Christ, and created mankind–all through a study of the initial hours and days of the creation account as found in the first three chapters of Genesis.


This story told in "The Pearl" reaches its peak in Chapter 14: The War in Heaven. In this chapter you will see shining forth the victory won by Jesus Christ directly after the cross through His descent into Hell, including that victory won over Satan in Hell through the breaking down of its gates, the calling forth of the saints, and the celebration there of the final Saturday Sabbath. You'll then land triumphantly in Chapter 15 where you come to understand the true glory of the whole of the story that began in the bosom of the Father. In this resolution, our present triumphant state becomes clear; that the blessed labor of our earthly physical life unto which Adam was once cast, but to which we are now called, is that which teaches us the blessed faith by which we now enter Paradise.


This Gospel of Jesus Christ in its earliest and most fundamental form—as it existed in the time before time, even before the foundation of the world—is that one pearl of great price; and grasping its practical application in the present day of each and every generation should cause us to sell all (rid ourselves of all our human pride), as much as we have (remembering Satan's jealous pride), in order that we might obtain unto its glory.


For a little further background on "The Pearl", consider that several of the early church fathers believed that God created the universe in the form of seminal principles, including Hilary of Pontiers (c. 315-367), Gregory of Nyssa and Saint Augustine.


And that "The Pearl" is a testament to these early church fathers, advancing this Seminal Principle (containing or contributing the seeds of later development) to its full extent. It's a book that seeks to open up to every reader the mystery that has been the creation account; and does so through the lens of the full Gospel of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.


Augustine's writings from the distant past present the most developed version of this theory from the early church, and it is worth looking at his ideas briefly here as it is this same foundation that is built and expanded upon in The Pearl.


Augustine believed that God created all things ex nihilo, instantaneously. He identified "in the beginning" with the beginning of time which is considered one of his most valuable contributions to the doctrine of creation. By coining this theory Augustine cut the ground from under his opponents, the Manichees, who asked "What was God doing before he created the world?" If time was created with the world then such temporal questions become meaningless, because you cannot have a time before time existed!


In his exegesis of Genesis Augustine recognized three acts of creation. The first, the plan of everything in the mind of God, in the second the creation of everything instantaneously in the form of seminal principles. The final act describes God's works within time which we now experience in which the principles became this world and its creatures. The creation of man took place as part of God's third act, as did the making of Eve from one of Adam's ribs. However, even this formation of Eve from a rib was part of the seminal principles created during God's second act.


In The Pearl you will experience this Seminal Principle worked out to its full extent.


And, I hope, you will be changed for the better.


God Bless!



Buy Now From Amazon: The Pearl at Amazon

Buy Now From Barnes and Noble: The Pearl at B&N



Rediscover The Creation Story Of Jesus Christ Thru 'The Pearl'


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